The great work our fabulous teachers, administrators, parents, and students have accomplished over the past three years to create a culture of excellence in Little Elm ISD is phenomenal. The support we needed to make a difference for our children came from a Board that allowed us to make change for EVERY child a priority. As we approach this spring and Board election time, I encourage you to support DeLeon English and Jason Olson with your vote. We cannot afford to elect ego-driven board members who seek public face versus doing the best for EVERY child.

Dr. Lowell Strike

38 years as an educator

Former Superintendent, Little Elm ISD

Under Mr. English’s leadership as Board President, LEISD opened the Prestwick STEM Academy and repurposed Zellars Elementary as the Zellars Center for Learning & Leadership. In addition, he established open and transparent lines of communication through town halls and Key Communicators, cabinet eliminated staffing costs totaling $300,000, and hired Dr. Lowell Strike as Superintendent. Fast forward to today, LEISD has successfully passed a bond for $239,000,000, attained numerous TEA Distinctions, restructured leadership to align and target support, become a LiiNK school district, and experiences fast student growth. 


DeLeon English’s leadership is essential for Little Elm ISD to continue on the path of excellence. Mr. English’s leadership is student-centered, achievement-oriented, and one of service. I offer my support of Mr. English’s desire to continue serving the stakeholders of LEISD as a Trustee. Although I know the community will benefit from his leadership for years to come, I am confident his continued leadership will benefit the district as it aims to become “THE destination district” as outlined in the strategic plan, Destination 2020.

Dr. Matthew Gutierrez, Ed.D.
Superintendent of Schools
Seguin ISD



Brian Livingston has years of successful experience as a senior executive, small business owner and as a community leader giving him a diversified background to draw on when elected to Frisco City Council. He has always utilized common sense and a dedication to teamwork in business and will continue to use that for his vision for Frisco’s bright future

Brian Livingston

Council Member 6, Frisco TX

Mr. English proved to be a man of character, integrity, and leadership. I was impressed with his desire to seek out and find what is best for his school district without compromising. The process brought 5 candidates - 3 finalists and Dr. Lowell Strike as the Superintendent selectee.

I endorse Deleon English for Little Elm ISD School Board as I have seen first-hand his heart, dedication, and love of his school district and the desire to see the district, students, staff and teachers reach goals their goals. He will continue to work diligently for the children of Little Elm ISD.

Bob E. Griggs has served as a Texas superintendent in districts from 280 ADA to a multi-high school district with 22,000+ ADA.  A high point of his superintendence was being named the 1997 Texas Superintendent of the Year.  Griggs was named Educator of the Month by the “Texas School Business” magazine.  Also, he has been named Alumni of the Year by his alma mater, Abilene Christian University, and has received the Golden Deeds Award from Texas A&M University.  Griggs retired after thirty-one (31) years in Texas public education, twenty-one (21) of those years serving as a superintendent of schools.  He also has served in the Texas House of Representatives.

Organizational ethics begin at the top hierarchy of any organization.  Citizens embrace standards and values by observing what leaders do, and not simply what they say.  DeLeon English has served the residents of Little Elm ISD in an exemplary way.  He has used his position as a member of the LEISD Board of Trustees to gain public trust, build coalitions across the spectrum of students, teachers, administrators and the at-large community.  I offer my endorsement and support to DeLeon English, incumbent, in his bid to be re-elected to the Board of Trustees of Little Elm ISD, Place 4.   


Mr. English has consistently demonstrated solid leadership, fairness, respect and genuine care for the students, teachers, and parents of LEISD.  His reputation is impeccable and the trust he has from his colleagues is admirable.  He is outstanding in his ability to build coalitions across the community and truly gives his best efforts in public service.


The Town of Little Elm is one of the fastest growing communities in N. Central Texas and deserves to have strong leadership at the helm of the LEISD Board of Trustees.  DeLeon English is demonstrably the best candidate for Place 4 on the ballot and deserves to be re-elected.

Saundra Lohr, MPM
Managing Principal – The Applauz Group
Former V.P. Development LEISD Education Foundation 2016-2018

Out of a profound concern for the future generations of Americans in October 2010 small business owner and activist, Sylvia Guzman, founded Amigos de Patriots, a conservative Hispanic/Latino organization. "America is a nation built on a deep and abiding respect for Judeo- Christian morals, family values and for those who are willing to strive for opportunities to succeed."


Sylvia Guzman Acuff is the Area Precinct Chair for all of Little Elm Area.  She was recently presented with the Precinct Chair of the Year Award. Guzman Acuff serves as the precinct chair in Little Elm and was praised for her "personal contact with her constituents" and for her "faithful involvement in community outreach."



Sylvia Guzman

Area Precinct Chair

Little Elm TX

In the 15 years that I have been involved with Denton County politics, the first time I really felt effective was in helping DeLeon get elected in 2015.  It has been one of the most effective things I have done politically and one I am most proud of.

Recently I found out that the rumors that DeLeon was not going to run for re-election were untrue and that was a huge relief to me.  He has brought so much to this ISD and to our town.  Both have greatly benefitted from the ISD improvements that DeLeon helped to implement.

His leadership completely turned LEISD around for the better and we are blessed that he wants to continue his leadership and work.  In working with DeLeon, I have seen his heart for the safety and well- being of our kids.  He has worked long hours and sacrificed his personal time for LEISD – the teachers, staff and our kids.  The changes of the last 3 years have brought in a new pool of highly qualified, tenured teachers along with increased retention.  As well as improved overall ISD employee satisfaction. 

I endorse DeLeon English for LEISD Place 4 and encourage each of you to make the right choice for proven leadership

Cassie Weaver

Precinct Chair 2030

Little Elm TX


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