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Where we go from here? Academic Excellence...

January 16, 2018

In 2014, we set out for a vision towards an exemplary education system for Little Elm.  As we worked to create the Destination 2020 plan, we baked in the idea and concept of an atmosphere of academic excellence.   Since then, we have implemented significant improvements in our career development for our Educators.  Summer Learning Summits for our educators is entering in its 3rd year.  Principals and Assistant Principals attend the Learning for Leaders Training which is a monthly program designed to build important skills.  The District continues to engage our coursework around Rigor, Relevance and Learning engagement as a focus.  To continuously deliver on our education, we have also implemented the WE surveys for teacher and student improvements on course delivery.  More recently, Professional Learning Communities (PLC) has helped promote teacher collaboration for continued excellence.  My goal has been to be laser-focused on my promise to the District and the community of Little Elm, a better education system for our kids.

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