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Re-Election Announcement DeLeon English Little Elm ISD Board Trustee, Place 4

January 17, 2018

Re-Election Announcement DeLeon English, Little Elm ISD Board Trustee, Place 4

Highlighting the journey that began in 2014 seeking election to the Board of Trustee, I sought to help develop the full potential of our district just waiting to be unleashed for our kids. After the citizens elected me to my current Place 4 position, I endeavored to bring a vision and goal for our school district. I focused on Leadership, Communications, Accountability and Academic Achievement. Almost 4 years later, our District has seen a dramatic positive evolution. With that journey as a legacy, today I am very excited to announce I have submitted the required paperwork for candidacy for the Little Elm ISD, Board of Trustees Place 4.

THEREFORE I seek your endorsement to continue the vision we have all worked together in ushering us towards Destination 2020. Now, it is time to look forward into the future as we continue our path together. Thank you for your support! Re-elect DeLeon English for LEISD School Board Place 4.

"It’s not how you start, it’s how you end that matters most" – DeLeon English

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