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Frisco Lakes Challenger proposes defunding $5 million dollars a year, in a warning to LEISD

Updated: Mar 7, 2018

March 1, 2018

This week my opponent and his supporters sent a warning to LEISD. If elected, a proposal would be brought forth to defund the district of $5 million dollars yearly. This would be in the form of a rebate ONLY to the Frisco Lakes Community within the ISD.

What would be the impact to the district? While details in his platform are still forthcoming there are significant impacts such a proposal would immediately raise.

  • Layoff up to 80 educators across all grades. Since State Law would prohibit any Bond money going to a non-capital expense, the only choice is the operational budget.

  • Reduce or completely cut SROs from the school to meet the budgetary demands on day-to-day operations.

  • Impact due to loss of budget and educators negatively affecting the CTE, Band, Sports and DECA programs

  • Staff development, library and guidance services would be negatively impacted without sufficient funding sources.

Since this proposal relates to revenues from taxing authority this would continually impact the District negatively year-over-year. Within a 5-year period, the District would realize a loss of over $25 million dollars to the operational budget.

If we look at it by the numbers, local Revenue would decrease from $43 million to $38 due to a rebate. As it stands, $37.5 million of our operational budget goes to Instruction (teacher salaries). This proposal would hit departments in our District significantly without any way to make up the difference. The question becomes, is this proposal responsible for the negatively alienate sectors in our communities which would cause Frisco Lakes to lose representation in the District? Another important question, is the goal of being on the Board to pull Frisco Lakes out of the District after supporting a Bond election? Or was the purpose of the support by my opponent to seek Bond money for the rebate? This proposal raises many questions with very little solutions.

My position differs greatly. As the husband of a teacher and supporter of both CTE and Student Safety, this proposal would have a significantly negative effect on the teachers and students. As we have seen recently, child safety is paramount. Little Elm continues to develop a reputation that “All of our kids are all of our kids.” We have worked hard in the district as a community to Engage, Equip and Empower our students. NOTHING about my opponent’s proposal would support what LEISD is truly about.

Vote to RE-ELECT DeLeon English, I am dedicated to building a future for all our kids – Academic Excellence, Community Educators, and Capital Improvements. Because it’s only “TOGETHER WE ACHIEVE EXCELLENCE”!

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