Leading through Engagement and Innovation 

Academic Excellence
  • Create a tangible vision for the Little Elm Independent School District that allows it to become an exemplary education system for our area.


  • Comprehensive strategic plan to improve the District by creating an atmosphere of academic excellence. 

  • Work with our educators to improve academic rankings by increasing opportunities for training and continuing education

  • Worked to improve the overall perception of the District in our community.


  • Build open and honest communication between parents, educators, and students.


  • Improve relationships between parents, educators, and students. 

  • Improve standards to ensure decisions are made responsibly and in the best interest of students.

  • Help district actions reflect best practices.

  • Ensure fiscal responsibility in regards to spending and growth. ​​​​



  • Destination 2020 Strategic Plan

  • Hired new Superintendent

Educator Training

  • Aspiring Leadership Institute I & II 

  • Teachers Summer Learning Summit

  • Learning for Leaders training program for all Principals and Assistant Principals

  • Triple E Award & Excellence Coins

Student Focused Academics

  • RISE – Realizing Individual Student Excellence Campus Accountability Process

  • TWU Pioneer Promise

  • UNT Eagle Advantage program

  • District Focused Rigor, Relevance and Learner Engagement

  • Increased CTE options and availability

  • Improvement in Advanced Placement (AP) program

  • Two new schools built to meet the needs of our student growth 



Community Engagement

  • Committees for Bond, Long-Range Planning, and Facilities

  • Formation of the Little Elm Education Foundation

  • Community Financial Summit 

  • Bridge building meetings between Town of Little Elm and LEISD leadership

Personal Growth

  • Elected as a Master Trustee for 2020 by the Texas Association of School Boards
  • Led in continual education as a Board Trustee

Inter-Government Collaboration

  • King property released benefiting Town Development

  • Relocation of Transportation facility to benefiting Town Development


Community Engagement

  • Vote to name our schools after a fallen hero in our community, Jerry Walker Middle School

  • Inter-local facility use agreements with Town of Little Elm, LEYSA, and LEISD

  • Unified "We are now all LOBOS!" across all campuses

  • New website redesign for accountability and access


Adoption of beneficial standards​​

  • Created and adopted Board Operating Procedures

  • Administrative Regulations developed and adopted

  • Part of the District COVID-19 Committee ensuring safety of our students, educators and staff

  • Increased safety and security through campus with SROs and surveillance

  • HR fully electronic with onboarding process

  • Excellence Defined Continuous Improvement Process ​

  • Video recording of all School Board Meetings


Fiscal Responsibility

  • Successfully lowered Property Tax burden on LEISD Families 

  • Bond Refunding's saving more than $30 Million

  • Passed a Tax Ratification Election (TRE) adding $4 Mil to income​

  • Called for and passed $239.5 Mil Bond Election

  • Over $24 Mil invested in Campus Improvement project to Chavez, Brent, Hackberry and LEHS

  • Increased Educators Pay

  • Increased Healthcare Stipend for all educators