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Updated: Apr 22

Leadership is more than speech; it is about knowing the facts, understanding the decisions that need to be made, and building trust.

Attempting to be on the ballot running for Mayor in Oak Point, only to be disqualified because the residence is in the ETJ, then leaping over to LEISD to run for election does not show leadership. Making false claims that the Board and District leadership are up to "funding for dubious purposes" when the community decided to provide better schools for our kids is off base. My opponent has made false claims from day one.

However, pictures are worth a thousand words.

False: Rating in the District have continual decreases.

Truth: Ratings have increased since my tenure on the Board

False: Teacher pay has decreased

Truth: Since being on the Board, the teacher's pay and stipends have increased with job opportunities and more training.

Inaccurate: Students education should primarily focus on college

Truth: Over 75% of students go into the workforce and seek trade opportunities. Little Elm ISD instituted pathways that allow our students to choose a CTE path, College and the Military.

Inaccurate: Little Elm should refocus to retrofit existing facilities for usage

Truth: Little Elm ISD invested $21 million across the District to secure and retrofit our schools. As part of the bond package and long-term planning, we are investing in our schools and facilities.

Unfortunately, my opponent has never been to a Board meeting. He has never reached out to the District to learn about what is happening. Instead, my opponent is coming up with falsehoods.

So it begs the question: If you ran for mayor in another city but disqualified, then ran to sign up for the District, except you have no factual information, what type of leadership is that?

Falsehoods - Jonathan Jones

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Updated April 2nd, 2018

Upon winning the election in 2014, security and safety of our students became my top priority as a Board Member. As the newly elected Board President, we directed then Interim-Superintendent Matthew Gutierrez to take the needed steps along with funds to significantly improve our security for the safety of our children. This resulted in several improvements throughout the District. This included increased use of security cameras around campuses, greater collaboration with the LEPD, upgraded to our communications systems and an overall assessment of our security procedures. Our security continued to evolve over the next three years with the hiring of Dr. Lowell Strike then on through to Dr. Daniel Gallagher. Today, with forethought and leadership, it continues to substantially improve. For example, as part of our security efforts, hiring more armed officers in our schools, heavily investing in the 2015-2016 calendar year in security measures and adding a new Director of Security.

As a Board Trustee representative over the last few years, I have been involved on the LEPD Chief's Advisory Council, a monthly meeting to discuss community issues and subjects that impact our District. Security of our campuses is taken very seriously and the Board continues to have the forethought to ensuring every campus is safe.

Recently, at the March 26th School Board meeting, Billy Coburn, Director for Safety and Security, updated the Board on the comprehensive safety plan currently in place for the District. Below are a few highlights of our security (View FULL security highlight here).

Major Security Highlights

  • Visitor management system

  • Control access to key fobs

  • Lock-down buttons at all campuses

  • Uniformed patrol officer visibility (inviting police to use our campuses to do their work)

  • Cameras - double monitors, cameras access from cellphones and iPads

  • Coordinated SWAT Facility Usage (use our buildings for SWAT training so they can be familiar with inside the building)

  • Exterior doors numbered (numbering all the doors on the exterior)

  • Exterior and interior doors locked

  • LEPD has < 1 minute response time to our campuses

The presentation by Billy Coburn can be downloaded here. The video of the Board meeting with the presentation can be viewed below.

Other recent actions taken by the Board and District includes the following:

  • On March 26th, the Board approval was granted for 2 addition SROs

  • A proposal to hire additional SROs to increase the security presence in our schools was recently presented

  • The Board has requested the District to hire 3 more SROs to service Brent, Chavez, and Zellers

  • As part of our 2017 Bond approval, we are committed to improving the vestibule security for the elementary schools as a priority.

Child safety is always at the top of our minds.

DeLeon English LEISD School Board Trustee, Place 4

February 17, 2018

As a responsible LEISD School Board Trustee, Place 4, I'd like to echo Mr. Gallagher's response from earlier this week, that I am devastated in the senseless loss of life that occurred this past week in Parkland, Florida.

Student and staff safety at every LEISD campus is the highest priority! Many safety measures have been developed with our campus security as well as with local law enforcement and are in place. I want to reassure our students, staff and parents/guardians that we have layers of safety and security in place at each campus, some specific to the campus since each campus has varying environments. Our campuses have exercised "active shooter" drills, which is hard for me to comprehend that this is where our society is with regards to our schools. The safety and security layers are under constant review by our campus SROs (School Resource Officers) provided in partnership with the Little Elm Police Department and even our parents/guardians that call to attention safety gaps. It does take a PACK mentality partnership to keep safety measures up to date per campus in our growing ISD.

In addition to the physical safety measures, the District brought into play a series of emotional and mental support identifiers about 2 years ago. One of these is an anonymous mobile app, ANONYMOUS ALERTS, that empowers students, staff and parents/guardians to speak up about bullying, gang-related activity or anything they feel is a safety issue. This system allows fully anonymous reporting even with 2-way conversations to get more details if needed. I encourage each student, staff and parent/guardian to download this as a safety precaution.

As a father of 3 precious daughters, the husband of a school teacher and your School Board Trustee, I am fully committed to continuing strong safety measures at each campus as this is of highest priority. I stand united with my fellow Trustees and ISD administrators to provide a safe learning environment for our students that you have entrusted to us.

If you have any comments, concerns or suggestions, please feel to message me directly.

With Deepest Sympathies to the Parkland, FL families for the senseless loss of life.

DeLeon English LEISD School Board Trustee, Place 4

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Updated: Mar 21, 2018

March 17, 2018

This week our very own Dr. Lowell Strike completed his retirement plans.  He remains a powerful force and strong advocate for kids.  Thank you, Dr. Strike for all you have done for LEISD.  You and Kimmie will be missed.  

Video Dr. Lowell Strike

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