• Continued focus on developing district standards based on measurable performance metrics 
  • Use of continuous improvement practices of district accountability model for educator development
  • Further investments in educator training as a high priority
  • Explore programs that support "Learn at your own pace" engagement
  • Support programs that bring real-world application to the learning environment
  • Develop programs that help parents learn to educate their kids earlier
  • Collaborate with our community in areas of attention and discipline measures to improve our educational experience for educator, kids and parent alike
  • More focus on developing community involvement for kids
  • Bring community involvement to capital improvement projects on what is best for our kids
  • Collaborate with the community to build and plan for future use
  • Focus on capital improvement projects that yield the greatest benefit to our kids
        "Imagine the positive difference one person can make, take that difference, magnify it in the education of our children and their dreams can be realized." - DeLeon English
         “Our community depends on leaders that foster the best educational systems for its kids.  Our kids deserve the best of what we have to offer.  It’s time to deliver the best.” - DeLeon English
Academic Excellence

2014 Platform Goals

  • Create a tangible vision for the Little Elm Independent School District that allows it to become an exemplary education system for our area.


  • Write out a comprehensive strategic plan to improve the District by creating an atmosphere of academic excellence. 

  • Work with our educators to improve academic rankings by increasing opportunities for training and continuing education

Accomplishments by 2018


  • Destination 2020 Strategic Plan

  • Hired new Superintendent

Educator Training

  • Aspiring Leadership Institute I & II 

  • Teachers Summer Learning Summit

  • Learning for Leaders training program for all Principals and Assistant Principals

  • Triple E Award & Excellence Coins

Student Focused Academics

  • RISE – Realizing Individual Student Excellence Campus Accountability Process

  • TWU Pioneer Promise

  • UNT Eagle Advantage program

  • District Focused Rigor, Relevance and Learner Engagement

  • Increased CTE options and availability

  • Improvement in Advanced Placement (AP) program


2014 Platform Goals

  • Work to improve the overall perception of the District in our community.


  • Build open and honest communication between parents, educators, and students.


  • Improve relationships between parents, educators, and students. 


Accomplishments by 2018


Community Engagement

  • Committees for Bond, Long-Range Planning, and Facilities

  • Formation of the Little Elm Education Foundation

  • Community Financial Summit 

  • Bridge building meetings between Town of Little Elm and LEISD leadership


Inter-Government Collaboration

  • King property released benefiting Town Development

  • Relocation of Transportation facility to benefiting Town Development

  • Over $24 Mil invested in Campus Improvement projects - Chavez, Brent, Hackberry and LEHS​

Community Efforts

  • Inter-local facility use agreements with Town of Little Elm, LEYSA, and LEISD

  • Unified "We are now all LOBOS!" across all campuses

  • New website redesign for accountability and access

2014 Platform Goals


  • Work for stringent standards in order to ensure decisions are made responsibly and in the best interest of students.

  • Ensure that District actions are ethical and reflect best practices.

  • Ensure fiscal responsibility in regards to spending and growth. 


Accomplishments by 2018

Adoption of beneficial standards​​

  • Created and adopted Board Operating Procedures

  • Administrative Regulations developed and adopted

  • New Emergency Operations Plan (EOP) in place

  • Increased safety and security through campus with SROs and surveillance

  • HR fully electronic with onboarding process

  • Excellence Defined Continuous Improvement Process ​

  • Video recording of all School Board Meetings

  • Thought Exchange community input survey

Fiscal Responsibility

  • Bond Refundings saving more than $30 Million

  • Passed a Tax Ratification Election (TRE) adding $4 Mil to income​

  • Called for and passed $239.5 Mil Bond Election

  • Over $24 Mil invested in Campus Improvement project to Chavez, Brent, Hackberry and LEHS

  • Increased Educators Pay

  • Increased Healthcare Stipend for all educators

  • Increased financial transparency​​​​


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