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Re-Elect for Little Elm ISD, Place 4 in 2021


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Early Voting April 19th - 27th
General Election May 1st
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Candidate Announcement

Today, I am excited to announce my re-election candidacy for Little Elm ISD School Board, Place 4, to our district constituents.  

I am once again asking for your support and vote in this upcoming election in May. I am humbled by the support received in my last campaign. I have had the honor to serve on the Little Elm ISD Board of Trustees. My record demonstrates my commitment to you and our students,

The Lobo family is vibrant, dynamic, and exciting. Since 2014, many things have changed, and as always, the district and student success is my core focus. As a Trustee, I have diligently worked in the six (6) areas that have challenged us by pushing the needle forward.


Academic Achievement: LEISD has seen our state accountability rating for the district rise from a D to a B. I have consistently pushed to improve the quality of content delivery, curriculum enhancement, and our students' holistic development.


District Transparency - I have championed greater levels of transparency throughout the district. New tools for parents to understand the decisions made in the district and greater involvement by our community. For the first time, a bond community committee drove critical financial decisions in successfully building support for a $240 million bond.  Our students greatly benefited from the investment which addressed critical needs in facility improvements and new Middle Schools to handle population growth.


Financial Stability - I have worked to improve financial stability leading to greater access to resources in expanding careers, college, and military opportunities for our students. I supported a $21 million investment to improve the high school for CTE and career opportunities.  

Educator Advocate - I am an advocate for educators. In my tenure, I have continually elevated the financial needs of our educators as a priority. I continue to support our educators' well-being through increased training, greater salary adjustments, and financial incentives.  

Family Stability - I am deeply committed to our community in pushing and supporting our Lobo families' financial well-being by reducing their property tax burdens.  The less financial stress of taxes helped the well-being of all our families. 


Student Advocacy - I am a passionate advocate for our students. In my time on the Board, we have seen our state ratings improve generating national academic recognition. Our campuses at the elementary levels are some of the few in the state to be STEM certified. For the first time in 2020, Little Elm High School by U.S. News and World Report is America's best high school. We ranked in the Top 20% of schools of the U.S. and top 15% of Texas schools.


During my tenure, we have achieved a great deal together. We have more work needed ahead.


Academic success - I am committed to continuous improvement in building our students through improved fidelity and clarity of our curriculum to help raise student achievement and scoring. We have come a long way from a struggling past to now moving forward with precise plans on increasing the strength of our curriculum to raise student achievement.

Community Engagement- I am committed to even more vital community engagement in building our district's success. I will push for continued community-based committees, business engagement and seek opportunities to build beneficial partnerships in our neighborhood makes us stronger as a District.  

Career Opportunities - I am committed to bringing innovative ways to educate our students while being financially responsible. I champion the three (3) tier pathway for CTE, College Readiness, and Military opportunities so that no student leaves Little Elm graduation with a solid foundation towards their future.

I have a passion for our district, our community, and the Lobo way. I believe deeply in my heart we achieve by coming together and working together. I ask you to join me as we work together as a Lobo family for our youth's future. Thank you.

In May, join me vote, DeLeon English, Place 4 on the LEISD Board of Trustees.  


Disclaimer:  Individuals or organizations in the above photos in no way endorse DeLeon English or his campaign.  All pictures were taken and/or owned by DeLeon English or publically available.


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